Turning Left? Look Again!

Every month I review the claims that were submitted through our agency during the prior month.  Just this morning, I looked oLEFT TURNver the claims for the month of April.  Each month I continue to be amazed (not in a good way), at how many auto claims are caused by someone making a left hand turn.  Whether it is our client turning left in front of someone or someone else turning left in front of our client, it seems like this type of claim just keeps happening.  This is definitely not the most common type of auto insurance loss we see, but it does happen frequently.  These types of losses can often result in a lot of damage and often involve injuries.  Thankfully, I do not recall any recent fatalities, but the risk of catastrophic loss is certainly there.

I would say the most common type of auto insurance loss we see are your “routine” parking lot accidents.  Whether it be someone hitting a parked vehicle or backing out of a parking space into another vehicle, parking lots tend to be an arena for auto insurance claims.  Although these types of accidents don’t tend to cause as much damage as the “turning left” claims, they create headaches for those involved none the less.  And just like any auto accident, the potential for significant damage is always there.

I am not writing this post because I have a magic wand that can make these types of accidents go away or because I have some nifty advice on how to prevent these types of accidents from happening.  After reviewing my report this morning, I just thought I would share this information with the hopes that you may become a little more diligent and careful before turning left or before you back out of a parking space.  As the saying goes “the life you save may be your own”, and I don’t want to ever have one of these claims result in a fatality.


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