If a Hurricane Hits, Do You Have the Right Coverage?

If a hurricane hits, do you have the right coverage-

We are in the midst of hurricane season, which lasts all the way through November.  The peak of the season is approaching which usually lasts from mid-August through late October in the Atlantic region.  There is a lot to do to prepare for a hurricane in order to keep your family safe.  Ready.gov provides basic […]

Understand Your Coverage: Improvements and Betterments

Betterments and Improvements

John’s Italian Restaurant recently signed a lease with Landlord LLC to occupy a portion of their building.  John’s spent several weeks transforming the once bland storefront into an upscale authentic Italian restaurant.  Luxurious lighting, expensive carpeting, wallpaper, new interior wall partitions, and other building improvements were made at a cost of $100,000. John’s grand opening […]

Coinsurance: What you don’t know can hurt you


Coinsurance. It is one of the most important but least understood parts of an insurance policy. John Brown owned Acme Hardware and worked hard to build his business up over the years.  He did everything by the book, including insuring his hard-earned assets.  One night though, a fire roared through part of his building, resulting […]