Student Housing

Does your current policy list your locations as “Student Housing” or just as “Apartments”?  If your student occupied apartments are not specifically shown as “Student Housing” you may be at risk for an unpaid claim! 

Click to read our special report titled the “7 Deadly Sins of Student Housing Insurance” .  It just may save you from claim disasters!


  • Multiple unit dwellings
  • Single unit dwellings
  • Student Housing Complexes
  • Boarding Houses


“Jason Kimball, from W.J. Farmer Insurance, is the kind of person I wish I could deal with in all my business transactions.  He increased my coverage and dramatically lowered my premiums.  He’s always there when I need him.  Bottom line, I’m very busy and he makes it easy for me.”

Bill Newgent, Horizon Property Managemnt Inc.

Not all agents who insure student housing properties are experts!  Insuring student housing PROPERLY requires a high level of knowledge and experience, and the best specialty insurance carriers to provide coverage! 
Email us with any questions or to request a quote.  Not located in NY or PA?  Still feel free to contact us and more than likely we can put you in touch with an agent that can assist you!

Are you properly insured? Click here to read our “7 DEADLY SINS OF STUDENT HOUSING INSURANCE“.  If this information is new to you (I assume your current agent may not have discussed these important details with you), give us a call at 1-800-409-9390 X4 or email us to see how we can improve your coverage, protect your assets, and lower your premium!