Commercial Auto Insurance Info

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It is critcally important to determine if you are required to carry commercial auto coverage vs. personal auto coverage.  Many business owners simply believe that if their car is titled in their personal name, then commercial auto insurance is not necessary and their personal auto insurance will provide coverage.  This is not true!  Personal auto policies exclude coverage while driving your vehicle for business use!  Many of the victims of this mis-information are contractors, who personally own their vehicles but use them for business use.  Below we have listed the criteria for when commercial auto insurance is required.  Keep in mind the DMV will never tell you which type of insurance coverage is required, since it is solely a concern of insurance carriers.  If you currently carry personal auto insurance, but your vehicles use matches any of the items below, you are at risk for an unpaid claim and/or a policy cancellation!

Most likely we will save you money when switching from a personal to a commercial auto policy!  And if you already carry commercial auto insurance, we can save you even more!

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Understanding When Commercial Auto Insurance Is Required
Here are just some of the things you need to consider when deciding if you need a Commercial Auto Insurance Policy:

  •  Registration: Who’s Name is the vehicle registered in? When the vehicle is

registered in the name of the business then you definitely need commercial auto

insurance. If the vehicle is registered in your personal name, it does not mean you

automatically should get personal auto insurance on it. A lot of times a solely

owned business will have a vehicle registered in the name of the owner. If the

vehicle is being for business and personal use though, then you need

commercial auto insurance!

  • Who Drives?: Another sign that you need a Commercial Auto Insurance Policy

is if other employees at your company are driving the vehicle. Commercial

policies allow you to list the employees as drivers and allows them to drive the

company vehicle, as well as being covered if an accident occurs. Just because

you do not have any employees that drive the vehicle, doesn’t mean that you do

not need commercial auto insurance though. All it means is that if you do have

employees that drive the vehicle, you absolutely need it!

  • Business Use: Is the vehicle getting regular business use? A vehicle getting

regular business use is defined as one that is used for commercial purposes, on

average, more than 3 times in a 1 month period. If your answer is “YES,” then

commercial insurance is right for you.

  • What is Business Use?: Before we discuss what constitutes business

use, let’s talk about what business use isn’t. Only driving to and from your

principal place of work is considered commuting and does not require a

commercial policy. This is covered under a standard personal auto policy.

If you use the same vehicle to then travel to clients or job sites, depending

on how often you do this and the nature of your work, you may need

commercial auto insurance.

  • If you do any of the following “GET A COMMERCIAL AUTO POLICY!”

Carrying Equipment (tools, supplies, etc.)

Delivery of Goods( including but not limited to flowers, pizza, retail & wholesale

Carrying Hazardous (or flammable) Material

Carrying Housekeeping Equipment for a Business

Equipped with Cranes, Winches, Snowplows (not for use on private

property only)

Messenger and/or Chauffeur

Towing for Hire

Taxi Driver

Rural Newspaper Delivery

Trucking-Local and Long Ha